The book of Hosea gives us the poignant pleading of a spiritual giant desperately committed to the task of saving a sinful nation. With genuine concern, the preacher seeks over and over again to bring conviction and repentance so that God’s chosen people may be compelled to come home to find love, forgiveness and refreshing healing.

Faithfully and graphically, Hosea points up the essentials of true religion. With powerful strokes he deals with sin and its tragic results in human lives. Judgment that is automatic and disastrous, the lack of knowledge of the Lord and its destructive effect, the unquenchable love of God with its unspeakable treasure for men and women, the true nature of repentance, the certain salvation to be provided and God’s full forgiveness for all who come in genuine repentance and clear faith. The flaming evangelist knows his people. He knows what it is to his heart out as his unfaithful wife goes further in sin. He knows the depth of love, the willingness of a loving heart, of the sacred depths of the love in the heart of God.

Day after day he drives home his personal penetrating powerful challenges to willful sinners who must be drawn back to their God. Through this prophetic, the Lord calls His wandering people home. He has mercy and pardon. His Grace is plenteous, His salvation await them. It is amazing to find in this Old Testament age so much of the New Testament message and to find the basic call of true evangelist. Every note is there, every area is uncovered every appeal is sounded. It is God’s ways of doing things.


Hosea’s heart breaking home life, caused by Gomer’s infidelity: illustrates Israel’s unfaithfulness to God­ – Chapter 1:1-3:5

The Nation Israel: unfaithful and unrepentant is challenged by the prophet to come home to the fathergod-Chapter 4:1- 14:9.

A Holy God suffers as Hesees the foul sin of Israel-Chapter 4:1-7:16

A just God must bring severe judgment-Chapter 5:1-10:15

A loving God will provide Restoration, Healing, forgiveness and full salvation-Chapter 11:1-14:9.