Apostle Peter wrote this beautiful letter to Christians in Asia Minor to stimulate in them a joyful hope in the face of coming persecution. It was intended to be circulated among Christians of predominantly gentile heritage in congregations located in provinces of the Roman Empire where the imperial yoke was apt to be most severe.

Persecution was not unknown to church. From the early persecution of Stephen and the dispersion that followed, to the constant harassment of Paul wherever he went, the early Christians knew the strain and tension of antagonism. Now the wrath of the demented emperor Nero was about to explode in Rome at the expense of the Church. Therefore, the Apostle Peter tried to prepare the church in Asia Minor for imminent disaster in these eastern provinces where oppression would undoubtedly spread from its source in Rome. In the spirit of a faithful shepherd and bishop of souls, Apostle Peter sent this pastoral letter to confirm his flock in the comforting hope of the spirit’s coming. Being rooted in the passion of Christ, they are to abstain from the passions of the flesh. If they find themselves in hostile society, their suffering for ‘righteousness’ will actually be a blessing.


Peter’s greeting to his readers chapter 1:1-2

The trinitarian doxology-chapter 1:3-12

Our relation to god-chapter 1:13-2:10

Be Holy in all your conduct, for He is Holy-Chapter 1:13-16

Conduct yourselves with fear, for you were ransomed with Blood – Chapter 1:17-21

Love one another earnestly: for you have tasted the kindnesses of the Lord-Chapter 1:22-2:3

Come to that living stone and be built into a spiritual house for you are a chosen Race-Chapter 2:4-10.

Our relation to men-Chapter 2:11-3:12

Believers :Be subject to Every Human Institution-Chapter 2:11-17

Servant: be submissive to your Masters-Chapter 2:18-25

Wives: Be submissive to your husbands-Chapter 3:1-6

Husband-live considerately with your wives-Chapter 3:7

All of you have unity of spirit-Chapter 3:8-12

Blessing for righteousness sake-chapter 3:13-5:11

Keep your conscience clear when you suffer for wrong­ Chapter 3:13-17

As Christ died for sins, so baptism is a sign of our death to sin­ Chapter 4:18-4:6

Since the end is at hand, hold unfailing love-Chapter 4:7-19

Elders be examples, member, be humble under God-Chapter 5:1-11.

Salutation- Chapter 5:12-14