The book of Daniel is one that has never failed to excite interest and provoke controversy in theological circles

At the same time, it has captivated readers with accounts of heroism in time of critical danger and comforted multitudes of God’s faithful followers as they read stirring accounts of His presence and blessing.

The first chapters of Daniel relate certain experiences of Jewish youths Daniel and his three friends who are part of the Jewish captivity in Babylon in the six century B.C. Their refusal to be seduced by the pagan world in which they live and the dangers that threaten them because of their faithfulness are the essence of drama. Their deliverance, Daniel from the Lion’s that God’ and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fiery furnace – demonstrates the power and love of God. Nebuchadnezzar, proud and secure in his despotism, is brought low until he came to recognition that God’s providence rules even a Monarchs life. The drama of “hand writing on the wall” has made that phrase a proverbial part of our language to this very day.

The dreadful sin of arrogance toward God, of which Belshazzar was guilty, brings certain death and defeat. The narrative sections of the book, among the most famous in literature holds our interest not only because of their drama but also because of their relevance whenever materialism and paganism threaten to engulf the children of God. The vision given in the book of Daniel, either to pagan rulers or to Daniel himself are accounted by earnest Bible students to be a preview of the world throughout history and to the last days.

The prophecies of four Kingdoms and the great fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of God are a picture of the march of empire, four kingdoms came as predicted and the fifth awaits its fulfillment in the second coming of the Lord.

The great themes of prophecy in Daniel are matters of vital concern to the church today, the apostasy of God’s people, the revelation of the man of sin. The tribulation, the second coming, the millennium, and the Day of Judgment. As we open the book of Daniel, we come upon an interpretation of history that not only has been fulfilled in great part but also will be entirely fulfilled. It is this assurance that makes Daniel vital and significant in our own time.



The Daniel’s confession, Intercession and Prayer for restoration – Chapter 9:1-19.

The prophecy of the seventy “weeks” -Chapter 9:20-27

The Daniel vision of the glory of God-Chapter  10;1-19

The prophecy concerning Persia, the Greece and the Antiochus – Chapter 10:20-11:35

The King at the End-Chapter 11:36-45

The Angel Michael and the Resurrections-Chapter 12:1-3

The events to the End-Chapter 12:4-13.